cheet and yes man

art by @pav_izi on twitter

hey! i'm cheet, but i also go by vinny. i'm 23 years old and i've spent most of that time thinking about robots and pokemon. my gender is comparable in texture to crocodile skin but i'm pretty comfortable calling myself "transmasc" and using he/they/it pronouns. im just some fucking guy. im like if a guy was a computer

im a disabled artist with a focus on character design. the vast majority of my art is done in clip studio pro, but i love experimenting with new programs and mediums, especially weird or unconventional ones. some of my favorite things to draw are monsters, object heads, anthros, and pokemon!


MUSIC: smash mouth, will wood, red hot chili peppers, saint motel, I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, my chemical romance, the used, glass animals

GAMES: pokemon, minecraft, rimworld, toontown: corporate clash, spore, the behemoth (castle crashers and battleblock theater), bugsnax

CHARACTERS: yes man (fnv), hatty hattington (battleblock theater), the v.p. and c.f.o. (toontown), the multislacker (toontown: corporate clash), sgt. norm allen (dialtown), phone dude (fnaf 3)

MOVIES: beetlejuice (1988), little shop of horrors (1986), jurassic park (1993), the nightmare before christmas (1993), scream (1996), electric dreams (1984), nope (2022)

POKEMON: dragonite, clefable, chansey, togekiss, bulbasaur, carnivine, poliwhirl, bayleef, dunsparce, girafarig, heracross, dracozolt, tropius, porygon, lickilicky, audino, quagsire, clodsire, missingno

FONTS: consolas, verdana, coconut house, kiwi soda, biorhyme, vt portable remington

OTHER THINGS: virtual pets, creature collectors, adoptables, culinary arts, horror, pin collecting, plushies, bugs & invertebrates, knickknacks



i dont really use a lot of social media. if you'd like to reach me (or perhaps see stuff that isn't yet included here), you can find me here: